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Reasons Why Stones Are Better Than Tiles for Building Decoration.

Welcome, this post will be showing you some reasons why good builders prefer stones to tiles for interior and exterior wall decoration, it is a short post and if you read to the end of it, I will show you some of the best stones for building decorations and their prices in Nigeria.

If you are building a house in Nigeria, or if you are thinking of renovating any structure, This post will enlighten you on some advantages of using stones for your building wall decorations instead of tiles. Wall stones are usually made from pigmented concrete mix and provides much more value and aesthetics to your building against tiles.

Traditionally, many Nigerian builders are used to the idea of using ordinary tiles for their building decorations, only a handful of builders in Nigeria today know about the use of stones for exterior and interior wall decorations. Without wasting much of your time, here are some reasons why stones are better than tiles for building wall decorations.

1 Prestige

Using wall stones to decorate your building elevates the prestige of your building by almost 1000%, this is because many buildings that you will see around you are decorated with tiles which are usually very common, only a few builders know the value of stones and where to get them, therefore a building decorated with stones always stands out from the crowd anytime. Comparing stones and tiles is like comparing hand drawn painting and a digital printing of same picture, of course, the hand drawn painting wins every time cos it is the real stuff. Decorating your building with stone gives it a lot of prestige.

2 Long Term Value

Another advantage of using stones for your wall decoration is that stones actually give your house and walls some added structural strength, an average wall stone out there is about 1 to 2 inches thick which is much thicker than tiles, therefore stones fortify your building walls whiles giving it extra structural rigidity.

3 Low Pricing

Yes, you heard that right, even though stones are of much more quality than tiles, they are relatively cheaper in the long run compared to tiles. An average wall tile will fall off the building wall in a maximum of 4 years, but stones will never fall off provided they are installed the right way on the wall. Stones will serve you forever, unless you decide to remove it from the wall yourself.

4 Aesthetics

I don’t even need to say much on this, stones are always more beautiful and classy compared with tiles, many of the best buildings in the world from France to Italy down to the United States are buildings that are adorned with stones.

Finally, like I promised, here are pictures of stones for wall decorations in Nigeria and their prices.

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